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1 May 2015

Reido Rides For Samaritans

Volunteer David Reid will be riding the Prudential London - Surrey 100

On his way to Lands End.

Our super fit volunteer David Reid is a keen and experienced cyclist. On 2 August 2015 he will be putting that experience to great use raising much needed funds for Hillingdon Samaritans. By undertaking an exhausting 100 mile bike ride in the Prudential London – Surrey 100. We at the branch are all behind him and judging by the tales he has from previous rides (see below) can’t wait to hear the stories and insights he brings back from this journey.

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Read on as David talks about the ups, downs and in-betweens of long distance cycling and maybe even be a little inspired too - 

“As a keen cyclist I have cycled many organised events ranging from London to Oxford, London to Brighton and London to Southend, each ride was on average 65 miles, but in 2012 I was lucky enough to be part of a charity cycle with my work, where a team of us cycled from Northern Ireland to Southern Ireland. 

This covered 400 miles in 4 days, and during these 4 days we were pounded by strong side winds and continuous rain.........but thankfully the Guinness each evening gave us the strength to carry on. 

One thought I can remember during these 4 days was on day 3, I was cycling with 4 other cyclists, we had cycled roughly 60 miles that day, with about 30 miles to go and I said to one of the cyclists, “you know what, I could do this everyday” The following day the weather got worse, and my feelings had changed from day three, I now had feelings of just get me to the end, and it amazed me how in one day your feelings can just change from total enjoyment through to just feeling terrible.

One of my main ambitions that I always wanted was to cycle from John O Groats to Lands End, and in 2013 these ambitions came true. I was lucky enough to be selected as one of 3 persons to join 700 other cyclists to cycle 996 in 9 days, an average of over 100 miles everyday. 

No matter how much training I put in, nothing could have set me up for what I had to go through, both mentally and physically.

Each morning we were up 5.30am and getting fuelled up for the day, lots of breakfast and lots of carbs, ready for an average of 8 hours on the bike. Each morning we were up 5.30am and getting fuelled up for the day, lots of breakfast and lots of carbs, ready for an average of 8 hours on the bike. 

On day one I had only 60 miles when severe cramp kicked in on both legs, and this made me panic, I couldn’t believe how this could be happening to me on the first day. Luckily enough I completed the day, and received a good massage and lots of fluid and rest for the next day. Each morning was the same routine, but it got harder as the days went on, the hardest part of day was getting on the bike at the start of the morning, and knowing how many miles you had in front if you, those first 15 miles were the most difficult, constantly thinking to yourself that your legs don’t have anything in them for you to cycle 100 miles, but they did!!

Each night we would be camping out in tents, and by the 5th day I started to have a reaction to the pollen. Each morning I would wake up and could hardly open my eyes due to the swelling, and looking like elephant man amongst 700 cyclists is quite embarrassing.

Each day getting to our new destination was such an achievement, the support we got on the road from other cyclists and support teams were amazing, but seeing the finish line on day 9 was  kept me going, and knowing that my main achievement was being accomplished.”


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